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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 Movies... I'm Ready

Among several things I get excited about in the springtime are the blockbuster movies that come out.  Starting April 19th a slew of movies begin to hit theaters for the next 4 months.  Movies around this period take about 70% of my total tickets bought in the calendar year.  All of the movies I list here are movies I want to see badly so I'll list them in importance from lowest to highest excitement level.


Fast and Furious 6: I like these movies and some are definitely better(FF1, FF5) than others(FF2, FF4) but at some point it has to stop doesn't it?  As I write this FF7 is in the works, not kidding.

Hangover 3: The first one was iconic, original and absolutely hilarious, the second was a bad attempt at redoing what made part one so great.  I don't see this being worse than 2 but it certainly won't eclipse the first movie.

300: Rise of an Empire:   No one could imagine the impact 300 had back just a few years ago.  It made Gerard Butler, then an unknown actor a star and it created a world few films have ever done with so little big named actors in it.  Again, sequels rarely ever come out better than the original although it does happen from time to time(Terminator 2, Aliens, Spiderman 2, The Dark Knight).

Pain and Gain:  This movie actually looks pretty darn funny to me.  The Rock AKA Dwayne Johnson is a decent actor and its based on a true story, as far fetched as it seems.  I'm PUMPed to see it.  See what I did there?

Star Trek into Darkness:  Sorry Trekkies, I really enjoyed the first one but I'm not a huge fan otherwise.  If it's anything close to the first we have ourselves a bonafied series starting here.

The Wolverine:  I love Wolverine.  He's one of my top 5 all time favorite comic book heroes or villains.  With that said, the first movie was at best an average movie with below average special effects.  I believe this will be a much better movie.

The Great Gatsby:  DiCaprio is a tremendous actor and personally he got robbed by the academy in Django, had to mention that.  Anyway, I know nothing about this movie and I never read the book because I don't do that.  Still, it looks really good.

World War Z:  Not sure if the CGI will be good enough for the swarms of zombies to look real enough but I'm betting Brad Pitt will be awesome regardless...because he is.

Elysium:  Another world is ending type scenario here which hollywood seemed to ignore somehow.  Every so often the do a Deep Impact/Armageddon, Volcano/Dante's Peak type screw up, this year there's literally 6 or 7 movies with the world being over/apocalypse plots.  I think this one could be the best one but I'm not up to speed on it as others.  Also, Matt Damon isn't a Streisand after all.

Pacific Rim:  Guillermo Del Toro is a bad ass and that's all that needs to be said here.

Oblivion:  Look, I'm bias towards Tom Cruise.  He's a wonderful actor with unlimited range, don't believe me?  Go see Magnolia, Rain Man,  followed by Jerry Maguire and Born on the Fourth of July.  I didn't name a single action film there, dude has skills.  Add Morgan Freeman, then another end of the world scenario/sci-fi theme and I'm there. 

Iron Man 3:  Iron Man 2 was less than perfect but it wasn't bad, the problem was it didn't follow part one like Dark Knight did to Batman begins and that's a tough gig to follow.  Iron Man 3 will be epic.  Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin is gonna rock!  Who knows what's in store for Tony Stark in this post Avengers film.  Can't wait!

Man of Steel:  I mean really?  Was anyone really thinking this wasn't gonna be on top?  My favorite superhero and Zach Snyder(The Watchmen, 300)at the helm, boom!  You can kiss the dreadful '06 version goodbye(not that you haven't already).  This will be dark and edgy which DC comics is all about anyway.  I've always said that in order for Superman to ever be in the same realm as the Dark Knight or Iron Man in terms of being beloved, you have to make it darker.  The gee-shucks of old has run it's course, time to get Michael Shannon his due.  KNEEL TO ZOD!

Movies I'm desperately trying to avoid this Summer:

Grown Ups 2
Lone Ranger
After Earth

Friday, March 15, 2013

10 Things I Think I Think...

1.  I really really think the ridicuousness of the "Harlem Shake" and it's overall popularity bothers me to no end.  I can't escape it.  I know it's a fad just like the Macarena and Gangnam Style, still, doesn't mean I have to like it.  YouTube is becoming the music standard and to me, a YouTube hater, that's infuriating.  Since I don't listen to the radio it's avoidable but I do own and use a computer/TV and there lies the problem.

2.  I don't think the Vatican, it's Priests or it's agenda and I don't want to.  The former Pope resigned by choice which is unheard of since he was "chosen by God".  117 dudes who can't have sex and routinely get busted for doing that very thing by the church are all trying to become the next Pope.  I do not understand any of this yet a billion or more people hang in the balance.

3.  I really think the newest translation of Oz was beyond awful.  The casting was poor(minus Michelle Williams)and the plot and overall story was dreadful.  If you are considering seeing this movie, don't.

4.  I think the NFL free agent market is busting at the seems lately.  Wes Welker, Anquon Boldin, Steven Jackson, Mike Wallace, and on and on it goes.  I know one thing, Joe Flacco got paid and in return his team got a hell of a lot worse from his new paycheck..

5.  I think the World Baseball Classic is a America that is.  Until you put your absolute best players on that field, nobody cares and that includes myself, a die hard Baseball guy.  It's like the Olympics but singled out for YOUR sport, act like you give a shit!

6.  I didn't think I'd ever get back to watching LOST again but I have.  My new shift allows me to see a show or two per day based on the added free time early in the night.  Gotta say, still my favorite show overall(Breaking Bad hasn't ended yet and The Walking Dead sure is great).

7.  I don't think anyone is happier with the temperatures returning to a decent level than this guy.  I love March-April for so many reasons(except all the damn rain) I can't even list them all, and that says a ton.

8.  I'm seriously thinking I've quite possibly commited myself for too many things recently.  I love doing stuff, don't get me wrong but I didn't realize how much stuff til today.  I might need a twin to help out, I've turned down three offers for various things in the last 24 hours.

9.  I think this passing out of the new badges thing at work is never going to end.  It's been 5 weeks since we started and we aren't even half way through.  At this rate we will hand the last one out right before they expire...May '14.  Whoever volunteered us for this, who's usually paid extra for doing this(which we are not being compensated) duty should rot in hell.  FYI: it's not a quick process per person so imagine 4,300 people.

10.  I think registering my kid for preschool hit me pretty tough this week.  For over 4 years I've been having her around me all day, every day and that's about to change.  Only a parent would understand.

Working Out

  Most people know my distaste for running, it's a well known fact.  Lifting weights is a close second.  On March 1st I began the second of the two and I don't quite detest it as I thought I would.  I still don't love it but it's grown on me, why?  Results.   I started hard...way too hard actually, on everything.   I don't half ass things and if I'm doing this I want to do it the right way, all the way.  By the end of week one I was hurting pretty bad.  Sore, stiff, everything you expect when putting stress on the body.  Today, 8 workouts in 13 days later I feel a lot better.  I can see some things changing for the better and that's all I need to keep going.  From planking(which is very difficult) which saves the lower back and works the entire body's core to 20lb dumbbell excersizes(too many to name).  I still weigh the same...179-180 on any given day but I'm toning up a bit and that's my goal.  Again, swimsuit weather is my ultimate goal here.  For the first time in over a decade I want to take my shirt off without being self con-scious for once. 

4 days a week til June...that's another 40+ workouts, I'm confident my body will respond to the workload.  By then all I should need is a decent tan.

Friday, March 1, 2013

It Was Fun for a Minute

Well folks, I may have beaten Beifuss but so did another 242 people.  Turns out that only picking 6 of 10 correct Oscar winners leaves a lot of room for others to take advantag of, including myself. 

Here are the stats on Sunday's Oscar showdown between Beifuss and the rest of us:

1.  Total readers to beat Beifuss:  243 (26%)

2.  Total readers overall:  925

3.  Total number of readers to get a perfect 10-10:  ZERO

4.  Total number of readers to get 9 of 10:  22 (0.24%)

5.  Total number of readers to get 8-10(like I did):  221 (23.8%)

6.  Total number of readers who missed all 10 categories:  4 (0.0043%)

7.  Most missed category, Best Director: Ang Lee.  11 of those 22 people who got 9 of 10 missed this.

8.  This was Beifuss' worst finish(6-4) since '03 when he went 3-7.

9.  I was NOT one of the ten people selected out of the 243 winners.

10.  I predicted I would not win if it came down to random vote, so I win there as well.

  There you have it, I won yet I didn't win.  Bittersweet for sure.  The Ang Lee Oscar really upset me since his movie was roughly 80-90% CGI anyway.  I think the academy gave him the trophy because the book to movie adaptation was said to be impossible, either way I didn't like that outcome regardless of this competition.  For me it's just like last year when The Artist won for best writing yet it's a silent film.  Ridiculous...

Anyway, Of course I'm disappointed that I missed out on virtually a years worth of tickets because he sucked so bad at it.  Oh well, there's always next year, right?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And the Oscar goes to...

Every year a local movie critic in Memphis plays a game with his readers called "Beat Beifuss". If you beat him at guessing the 10 biggest categories you win 20 movie tickets, uh...that's $210 bucks worth people.  So here we go...

My pics vs. Beifuss' and the winners.

1.  Best Picture:  Argo
I picked Argo...Beifuss picked Argo  1-1

2.  Best Actor:  Daniel Day Lewis : Lincoln
I picked Lewis...Beifuss picked Lewis  2-2

3.  Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence : Silver Linings Playbook
I picked Lawrence...Beifuss picked Lawrence 3-3

4.  Best Supporting Actor:  Christoph Waltz : Django Unchained
I picked Waltz...Beifuss picked Tommy Lee Jones 4-3

5.  Best Supporting Actress:  Anne Hathaway : Les Miserables'
I picked Hathaway...Beifuss picked Hathaway 5-4

6.  Best Director:  Ang Lee : Life of PI
I picked Spielburg...Beifuss Picked Spielburg  5-4

7.  Best Adapted Screenplay:  Argo
I picked Argo...Beifuss picked Lincoln 6-4

8.  Best Original Screenplay:  Django Unchained
I picked Zero Dark Thirty...Beifuss picked Django Unchained 6-5

9.  Best Original Song:  Skyfall by Adele
I picked Skyfall...Beifuss picked Skyfall 7-6

I need a win for animated film here for the victory...

10.  Best Animated Film:  Brave
I picked Brave...Beifuss picked Wreck it Ralph 8-6

I win!!!  I have to hope that no more than ten more won, otherwise they will randomly pick ten winners from the total and that's who gets the tickets.  So basically it's luck and we all know how I fare in those situations so lets pray for ten or less.

Gotta say I'm pretty darn happy right now.